Lease Option to Buy

We have special programs for the first-time home buyers and/or homebuyers that have lost their credit and have a down payment. We offer attractive Lease Option-to-buy programs. Pay a little bit (15%) more and we will put the extra rent toward your closing costs. Generally, we structure your purchase option for 3-years. We will even help you rebuild your credit to prepare you for the purchase. We understand, many of our team members have been in the same situation. 


  • Locks in the price of your home;
  • We will help you rebuild your credit rating;
  • Don’t rent, rent-to-own;
  • Pay just 15% more per month than average rents in the nieborhood;
  • Additional Rent (15%) goes toward closing.

We will enthusiastically present homes in our inventory, and/or our team will find your dream home in your area of choosing. Just let us know where and what you are looking for. Click on the Contact Us button above.

Remember we are the Cash Real Estate Investments Experts.